Quality Management


Quality Management

Quality control is an important part of the overall strategy of how our business manages its quality.

A quick overview of what we mean by quality control-

The process of inspecting products or output to ensure that the output meets the required quality standards. It involves various concepts of inspection and monitoring, where we try to check and look at the output, as it goes through the production process. Our main objective of quality control is to detect defective output rather than allowing it to go out and reach the customer. Of course, it's not always possible to check all the output, so normally this requires some kind of sampling. We take a representative sample of the output to see whether it meets the quality standards or not. Having spotted some substandard output, we remove it and it simply doesn't get to the customer. But of course what we really try to do is to see whether the results of the quality control checking, suggests a broader issue with quality in the products.

Main points in the operation, when the inspection is carried out----

Firstly, when the inputs into the production process are received, we check the quality of the raw materials upon their arrival.

For example, let’s imagine a restaurant here. You check the quality of the ingredients that are received in the restaurant, in the kitchen each day. You might just do it on a sample basis, maybe every day, every other day, one day or a month but you're checking the inputs. Also, you check, control and inspect as the products are going through the production process, so the chef may be doing some sampling on the stuff that his other team is producing, just to see whether it meets the standards. And finally, you also check when products are finished before they get sent to the customer. So again in case of a restaurant here, the chef may quickly check the final plate before it's sent out to the customer at the table. Similarly, you can imagine this very ideology in our processes!!

We as a team try to make sure that substandard output products or services that are not fit for what the customer needs and expects for, don’t find its way to them. We effort-fully tries to stop them from reaching the customer, and therefore creating an unhappy customer. Also, we try to apply that consistent standard every time, so we can raise the standard of what we believe to be acceptable.

The inspection is usually done by inspectors rather than by employees themselves, and they put forward their feedback as well as sampling back to the production teams so that they could improve beyond expectations.

At Marble Junction, we have developed a team of highly qualified and experienced supervisory persons who check and assure quality in each stage of production, they even check the final product before it is dispatched from our side.

In the aforementioned ways, the quality checks are well taken care of, under the guidance and expertise of certified quality management consultants. It is our continuous effort to win the trust and confidence of the customers by providing them with premium quality products at affordable prices.

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